Founded in 2008 by Elizabeth Bernstein, CEO and Jason Monastra COO, United Global Technologies (UGT) has undoubtedly set the standard for US-based IT and engineering services. For almost a decade, the women-owned, SBA certified company has excelled at meeting the diverse information technology, engineering, and operational needs of industrial and service leaders across the country. “Our mission and focus is helping clients achieve their goals, and that has not changed since our first day in business. Our footprint allows the government, both federal and state agencies, to quickly leverage best practices and scalability to meet the on-demand services required to remain competitive,” says Jason Monastra, the COO of UGT.

In the public sector, the company offers a portfolio of IT and engineering services to ensure the smooth functioning of government operations. Its professional services are geared toward Information Technology integration, application development, infrastructure support all with a focus on security. In addition to that, United Global Technologies has a statement of work (SoW) and workforce management service offerings where it provides seasoned personnel to public sector entities for application development, software engineering, security and cyber response, infrastructure migration and cloud services. “We do that in conjunction with our offering so public agencies can purchase the services they need utilizing the most appropriate approach,” Monastra comments.

Also, considering the importance of adhering to compliance needs, the company offers a wide range of services that keeps federal clients aligned with the ever-changing regulations. UGT recently developed and implemented a solution for a federal agency that was facing compliance issues with regards to their badging process with several systems. The client was consuming a significant amount of time to issue badges. This delayed the new-employee onboarding process, as without a compliant badge new-hires could not access any facility or system. Working in liaison with the client, UGT executed certain architectural reviews, executed application transformation and revamped the operational process. “We removed redundant legacy systems and introduced them with more effective tools. So, a transformation took place both from the technological and functional standpoint,” says Elizabeth Bernstein, CEO of United Global Technologies. Finally, the new employee onboarding time reduced from 45 to 21 days.

With such instances of client success under their sleeves, United Global Technologies always tries to hone its capability to serve its clients better. Currently, the company is focusing on implementation of security within all areas of their service portfolio. According to Monastra, it serves the public sector in two ways. First, it is helpful for those public sector organizations that purchase software to run their operations but face complexity to address the security need. Secondly, by following the UGT development methodology, United Global Technologies weaves layered security architecture. This framework blocks intruders and attacks more seamlessly. “If someone breaks the primary defense line, they have to run through security measures almost at every step. Through this compartmentalization of access, what’s left of the system can be locked down. This plays a vital role in saving the major portion of a system during a serious cyberattack,” says Monastra. Furthermore, United Global Technologies has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing IT services firms in the U.S by Inc Magazine for 6 years and is an Information Technology Mentor Protege of the US Department of Energy. Striding ahead, the company will develop new solutions to address diverse and ever-evolving client needs. “We understand what the public sector lacks, and every solution that we design enables clients to seamlessly achieve their business goal while fostering efficiency and profitability.” Monastra concludes.