UGT brings an Enterprise Risk solutions platform to our clients that addresses comprehensive risk mitigation in our client environments.  This approach, not singular in nature, allows for a cross platform approach that looks beyond just the business process or IT intrusion issues our clients face.  Our risk solutions engage companies in any or all of 4 primary areas allowing for macro and micro strategies in the implementation of their security and risk strategies.  The structured process applied across an entire company gives management a clear view of existing and risk possibilities allowing for effective business decisions.

UGT’s professional services Security and Risk team provide specific services in cybersecurity, enterprise and systemic risk, business continuity & disaster recovery, and compliance & governance.  The implementation of services can results in better decisions, increase operational efficiency, and enhance a company’s efforts to support critical strategic movement while evaluating risk in real time.  Our subject matter experts (SMEs) deliver capabilities across industries and can demonstrate proven performance allowing for the adoption of best practices that are tailored to specific industry.


Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) have recently become the “spotlight” words and become known as Resiliency.  With that, CIO magazine reports that 70% of companies have a DRBC plan in place however less than 33% of those companies do not have the technology to execute those plans.  They are paper weights that check the box for the board without the substance to resolve the true issues present under the very conditions we have faced recently.  From natural disaster to cyberattacks, DRBC plans can no longer be postponed or avoided.  They are required not only on paper but be execution enabled and stress tested.  Your business has no time for down-time.


Cyber Security is the most prominent pillar in UGT’s Security umbrella of services.  Cyber and relative security is an abstract but it address a common core of security process that focus on the protecting/recovering of networks, devices and programs from any type of cyber threat. Cyber threats are a consistent and regular part of corporate business and no longer can be perceived or viewed by management as a secondary or abstract risk.  Dangers to organizations and their employee, coupled with their clients and respective information has evolved from a finite threat to a strategy that seeks to take over networks, lock and steal data, destroy processes and ransom money from companies throughout the world.


Compliance and Governance or what is commonly referred to as Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is the common acronym used over the past 20 years in an effort to simplify the mitigation plan of risk across HR, IT, Supply Chain, Finance, and numerous other operational groups.  UGT provides the most comprehensive service by segmenting the security portfolio and understanding the specifics of compliance and governance in their own vertical.  Governance is establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation to ensure who has power and how it is distributed.  Compliance is the interaction and enacting systems with accountability.  UGT designs and implements your plan to mitigate risk across our clients environments.


Systemic risk is the enterprise risk that exists touching all aspects of business operations in the inter-dependable environment.  This level of risk exists throughout the foundation and architecture of a client company without most clients not truly understanding the risk incurred by inter-operability of the business processes, the compliance measures, cross functional teams and communication plans that are not layered with security measures that cross segment information to minimize risk.  UGT implements systemic risk strategies that allow for high level executives to leverage risk from the board level to the call center in a manner that is easy to understand  no matter the employee.


“UGT has supported Kivu in our growth in the forensics/remediation space. Given the rarity of sufficient skillsets and the challenging nature of the market in general, UGT has been a godsend to us in identifying a pipeline of talented professional service staff . We can begin using these resources immediately given UGT’s deployment model. Finally, Beth always understands our needs, and it is not common that a CEO is so intimately involved to ensure  a client are pleased with services.”

Lee P, Kivu



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